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CI4 composer packages - blekas - 03-10-2018

While browsing the CI4 repo I have noticed that every component has been recreated from scratch. Why have you decided to create everything from scratch instead of using battle-tested composer packages?

RE: CI4 composer packages - admin0 - 06-15-2018

i am moving to CI because it does not use composer and everything is in a single zip package .. this means even if i want to re-setup after years, i get the same code .. and same would work for customers ... vs other frameworks where i am forced to login to the server and download a dozen of files from a dozen of repos ... which might change from time to time without giving consistency.

i would prefer CI to not go that route ..

RE: CI4 composer packages - InsiteFX - 06-16-2018

You are not forced to use Composer but it's there if you want to use.