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Why the CodeIgniter domain extention change? - senrawr - 05-23-2018

I am getting ready to return to my attempts at working with CodeIgniter and Model-View-Controller PHP programming, but the webmaster in me is concerned with why CodeIgniter is now a .COM domain extention as opposed to the .ORG domain extention I browsed on in the passed. As I said, the webmaster in me, .COM's usually mean the domain has commercial value. A .ORG domain extention is for organizations that are usually non-profit and can be trusted. I trusted CodeIgniter when it was a .org domain extention.

Why did change to When did this happen? Is CodeIgniter now commercial product? Tell me why I should trust the new CodeIgniter .COM domain and the updated framework.

I am concerned with this discrepancy.

RE: Why the CodeIgniter domain extention change? - ciadmin - 05-23-2018 has been around forever, even in the old EllisLab days.
EllisLab registered some additional domains, perhaps even (I can't say for sure), but found that was the only one that really mattered.
If was used, my guess it that it mapped to the same server/instance as

CodeIgniter is still a community-driven open source project Big Grin