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cURL Issue in CodeIgniter - webnagroup - 06-13-2018

hi So first, let me admit that the problem is definitely somewhere in the codeigniter framework, or how I'm processing the cURL post from the test feed.

Here's the problem. I have the sample feed php file sitting in the root directory and have is posting to a controller via cURL. I've tested the functionality out of the framework and it works fine, but for some reason when I post into the CI controller, something breaks.

The first bit of the pure urlencoded() cURL post is
%15F%0A%05%1EW%E4%ED%F8%97h%B7%C7%C4%E0%0A%27U-%D0d%E1%EE%E7%F7%D1%2F%BF%24%E0%C8yD%C2%C7p% [<<MORE>>}
Again, this is the byproduct of the test_xml_datafeed.0.7.php with my site's key.

However, when I check the post data from within my controller (before decoding or decrypting) this is what I get:
F%0A%1EW%E4%ED%F8%97h%B7%C7%C4%E0%0A%27U-%D0d%E1%EE%E7%F7%D1%2F%BF%24%E0%C8yD%C2%C7p% [<<MORE>>]

Also, global XSS filtering is off.
$config['global_xss_filtering'] = FALSE;

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Any ideas on what could be causing the alteration?

Since it'll work out of the framework, I can build something to process the feed, but it would make life easier if I could get this to work within the framework.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated  Big Grin

RE: cURL Issue in CodeIgniter - InsiteFX - 06-13-2018

Maybe this article will point you in the right direction.

CodeIgniter : PHP Curl library with SSL Example

RE: cURL Issue in CodeIgniter - parsamrz - 10-21-2018

I have same issue with this please help