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upload - Nome - 06-20-2018

Hello, tell me how to properly load a file (any)? I turned to the manual and use 

PHP Code:

but it did not help, kept getting data about the file "NULL"...

It's embarrassing to ask you, lead or link to a working example.

I want to learn how to download a file (by specifying a location) and get some data about it, for example its size or type.

Thank you for understanding.

RE: upload - InsiteFX - 06-20-2018

That is all standard PHP see the PHP Manual.

RE: upload - Nome - 06-20-2018

(06-20-2018, 04:09 AM)InsiteFX. Wrote: That is all standard PHP see the PHP Manual.

Many thanks, really everything is much easier than I thought =)

Quote:Be sure your file upload form has attribute enctype="multipart/form-data" otherwise the file upload will not work.