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Forum Messaging - InsiteFX - 07-08-2018

If you cannot turn on Private Messaging they do not send me Messages!

RE: Forum Messaging - skunkbad - 07-08-2018

It is because of that issue that I turned off my messaging a long time ago. People would ask me a question, then I'd spend time writing an answer just to see an error that they couldn't receive it. Maybe the logic should be that when they send a message, their messaging is turned on if it wasn't already.

RE: Forum Messaging - ciadmin - 07-09-2018

MyBB is a pain to configure.
This came up some time ago, and the consensus was that private messaging should be disabled (perhaps it was being abused).
I like the idea of turning it on if a user PMs another, but do not want to dive into MyBB innards to figure out how to chat that Sad

RE: Forum Messaging - php_rocs - 07-09-2018


Are we stuck using MyBB only?

RE: Forum Messaging - emmawatson8855 - 07-10-2018

Maybe this problem is with the message content. Some messages are really funny when someone send BBcode