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Rental Ecommerce Marketplace - Gorentall - 08-26-2018

Hello CodeIgniter World,

We would like to share with you our ecommerce rental marketplace.

We are still improving the User Experience and color schemes.

1. What we should remove or add?
2. What we are doing wrong?
3. Which features we must implement?
4. What about the speed?
5. any feedbacks are welcome, 

Feel free to share all your comments, good and bad to help us to have the best customer experience possible as well as using the CI at its best power possible.

Thanking you in advance for sharing your experience and knowledge.
I do hope other members will be able to learn from our discussions.


RE: Rental Ecommerce Marketplace - ignitedcms - 09-13-2018

Nice site, great front end design at least.

RE: Rental Ecommerce Marketplace - php_rocs - 09-13-2018


Nicely done. The awesome things you can do with CI!

RE: Rental Ecommerce Marketplace - kenlyle - 09-15-2018

Looks nice. Reminds me of several WooCommerce themes I have seen. What features couldn't you find in existing platforms, specifically the #1 most popular e-commerce application on the Internet, that forced you to develop a new platform?

RE: Rental Ecommerce Marketplace - dmyers - 09-16-2018

Looks really good it's great to see others using CodeIgniter for Large Projects.