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Advice - emilio - 08-28-2018

I am new of CodeIgniter and am going to public my first website.
I choose Godaddy as service Provider, is it a good choice? Then, my code works well on local host.
Should I change something using Https?

Other question... I developed an applicatios as Software as service, what's a friendly cloud service for Codeigniter applications?

Forgive me if I posted a question maybe u treated before, and, if my English is bad, I am Italian and actually I am living in Chile.

Thank You Anyway, if somebody may help me

Emilio Franco

RE: Advice - php_rocs - 08-28-2018


Welcome to Codeigniter

My two cents...

Yes, Godaddy is a good provider but they tend to be on the pricey side. (see link below for more opinions)

I haven't done cloud hosting yet but the link has some suggestions as well (see link below for more opinions)