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Issues with ROOTPATH - scalla - 09-11-2018

while testing on localhost, i observed an issue with the ROOTPATH. if the entire codeigniter file is move to an extra outer folder, i.e Framework -> Codeigniter -> the rest of the igniter files. the entire path would not resolve properly till you go change the path in path.php, index.php to fit in properly. yet this does not provide a proper solution, cus if you choose to do something like "
PHP Code:
'InternalApi'                     =>    ROOTPATH.'Matrix/InternalApi' 
in the autoload psr4, it would not also resolve it till you add Framework befor the matrix.
the current code for the ROOTPATH is
PHP Code:

my work around this is
PHP Code:
then all codeigniter path can resolve properly.

unfortunately am unable to submit a PR at the moment for this