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Road to 4.0.0 - jlp - 09-13-2018

It's been a long time coming, but we have frozen the CI4 initial release features, and are getting ready to launch 4.0.0-a1 Smile

We are reviewing the code, documentation, and release process, and look foward to launching by Sept 30th.
We will be asking the community to test the framework then, and report anything we missed. If needed, successive alphas will be launched every 2 weeks until "complete enough". At that point, we will launch the beta, with requests to test the heck out of it and find any bugs.

Many thanks to the community members who have dived in to test and improve code, and especially to tireless Lonnie!

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - php_rocs - 09-13-2018

WOW!!!!! totally unexpected but very glad to hear!!!

I'm suppose to have some time off soon...looks like I will be reading the CI4 documentation. AWESOME!!

This could not have happened at a better time. Thx to the CI team and community.

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - cartalot - 09-13-2018

good time to check in to the codeigniter board :-)

this is so awesome!!!! and i know it's still early days - but what is the performance difference between CI 3 and CI 4?

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - Pyerro - 09-13-2018

Good news! Eagerly waiting for CI 4 release Smile

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - salain - 09-13-2018


RE: Road to 4.0.0 - Pertti - 09-14-2018

Exciting news! Can't wait Smile

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - ignitedcms - 09-14-2018

Great job guys, I know how much work goes into something like this. Hats off to another great framework no doubt - and keeping this alive!

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - shuguang - 09-17-2018


RE: Road to 4.0.0 - abrkof - 09-17-2018

uuuh, Im cry... this is the best notice for me... I love codeigniter. :3

RE: Road to 4.0.0 - googlemy - 09-17-2018

Every days I check for CI release.. Today glad to hear about CI4 getting ready to launch.
Thanks you CI Team....