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Return profiler as an array? - kaitenz - 09-25-2018

Hi guys! It's me again.

I like the Profiler. It gives me the information I need like benchmarks, queries, etc.
But honestly, I don't like how it shows up in my website. Well, at least for me.

So, I came up with this idea of returning an array from the Profiler. So I can create a view file named profiler_stats.php then load the profiler arrays "automatically" ( without passing it in the 2nd param in $this->load->view() ).

Or maybe some pseudovariables:
PHP Code:
Like this:

For Profiler:
PHP Code:


Maybe I can do this using hooks, but HOW? Is it possible?

Thanks for the help.

RE: Return profiler as an array? - InsiteFX - 09-26-2018

You can extend the class an do whatever you want with it check out
all the _compile methods.

MY_Profiler extends CI_Profiler{}