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CodeIgniter4-translations - jlp - 09-26-2018

We have created a repository to hold community-provided translations for the system messages, based on "system/Language/en".

We welcome contributions, and will favor those from CI3 translation maintainers if there are multiple submissions for a given locale.

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - ridho - 09-28-2018

As usual, the contributors will use develop branch, right? I see the repository only contains master branch.

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - ciadmin - 09-28-2018

Oops - yes, the develop branch ... fixed Smile

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - thanhtunguet - 10-13-2018

Why does this repository not contain the origin language: English, which developers will use to translate into others?
When I clone the repository, I have to find the English language folder from framework source code to translate into my first language.
I think including English in this repository will help much.

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - ciadmin - 10-14-2018

I don't like this idea, because

1. we end up with two copies of the same thing, in different repositories; they would need synch'ing
2. anyone contributing a translation would only do so if they had already forked the main repo, where ths system/Language/en folder is found; that would be a new contributor's starting point.

Better would be a way to integrate them, perhaps using a github submodule (?)
The original and authoritative copy needs to live inside the main repo, just like the user guide source, so that PRs to the main repo can be complete, i.e. including any language file entries needed, as well as user guide pages/changes and unit testing.

A tool that would be useful for the translations repo would be a script to look for missing translations, e.g. when the main repo was updated, and which could be run on its own (by a translator) or as part of travis-ci for new PRs (which would admittedly not help with existing translation which were now missing one or more entries).

Long-term, we need to figure out something, I agree.

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - George Rangel - 04-06-2020

I think there is a problem when trying to install the translation using composer.

1 - we see
composer require codeigniter4/translations @rc
This works, but the translation folder is installed in "/vendor/codeigniter4/translations/Language" path, since must be in "/app/Language". Its installing v4.0.0-rc.3 version.

2 - the same, but with the code
composer require codeigniter4/translations @beta

3 -
composer require codeigniter4/translations
Get an error: "[InvalidArgumentException] Could not find a version of package codeigniter4/translations matching your minimum-stability (stable). Require it with an explicit version constraint allowing its desired stability."

So, I dont want to copy the folder. I want to use composer. What should I do?

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - vivekkumar - 04-13-2020

Finally CodeIgniter 4.0. thankyou all of you.

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - Omar Crespo - 09-10-2020

Hi. I've just created an acount on github, w3rb1n1ch, because /es/Validation.php has is_not_unique in English. So I've tried to fixed it, but it remains in English. Can you help me to help you??

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - mylastof - 11-13-2020

(09-10-2020, 10:52 PM)Omar Crespo Wrote: Hi. I've just created an acount on github, w3rb1n1ch, because /es/Validation.php has is_not_unique in English. So I've tried to fixed it, but it remains in English. Can you help me to help you??
create PR to the main repo :
also check Core.php, Fabricator.php, Seed.php, Images.php, Migrations.php for untranslated key
check my PR at

RE: CodeIgniter4-translations - paulbalandan - 02-01-2021

We have released Translations v4.1.1!