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Documentation generator - ignitedcms - 09-28-2018

Guys is there anything better out there for documentation generation other than 'Read the Docs'

I just don't particularly like it. It took ages to get pip to install it, as I had to downgrade or something first, and I don't particularly like the markup '.rst' uses, feels like learning another toolset again.

Essentially I'd like to add something where I can create documentation but save it to a static html. I think that should be the point of documentation.

RE: Documentation generator - InsiteFX - 09-28-2018

You can use the old CodeIgniter Documentation from the 2x version.

RE: Documentation generator - ignitedcms - 09-30-2018

Thanks in the end I just ended up using my own cms to build the documentation, I guess I could use wget / curl to scrape the site and dump static html files.