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New CodeIgniter starter - visualsol - 10-20-2018

Hi all,
We put together what I think is a nice simple starter with CodeIgniter 4 Alpha 1.
It's work in progress, so be kind.
We really liked PHPAuth, so we integrated that in a secure area, along with Bootstrap 4 and some basic theming.

Here is the github link:

Some screens:

[Image: register.png]
[Image: login.png]
[Image: forgot.png]

RE: New CodeIgniter starter - ciadmin - 10-21-2018

You should start with the alpha.1 "distribution", not the clone of the master branch at that point.
The "distribution" has the user guide built, in "docs", and omits a bunch of the repo stuff that is used for framework development as opposed to app development.

In other words, use instead of

RE: New CodeIgniter starter - visualsol - 10-21-2018

Thanks, I added docs and removed some extras.  For Alpha2, we hope to use Composer or NPM to pull in Codeighiter4 package.

RE: New CodeIgniter starter - visualsol - 11-23-2018

FYI, I updated so it pulls in CodeIgniter4 via composer now, so latest is used by default.