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Starting a new marketplace - harshalone - 10-31-2018

Hi I am starting a new marketplace which focusses on digital products and services.

It will include digital downloads and event management features in phase 2. I have registered a domain called iDistribute

I am just wondering if I use Laravel or Codeigniter 3

Any help is appreciated.

Amy Lonare

RE: Starting a new marketplace - php_rocs - 10-31-2018


That's an open ended question. Depending on the forum that you are in, you are bound to get a different answer of either one or neither. Let me ask you a few questions...
Are you a new programmer?
Do you plan to program it yourself or get paid assistance?
Do you have to build it yourself?
Have you considered other software to help you sell your services/digital goods (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Opencart or PrestaCart just to name a few)?

RE: Starting a new marketplace - InsiteFX - 11-01-2018

It really depends on how fast you want to learn a framework.

CodeIgniter is very easy for some one to learn and not bloated like other frameworks.