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[Resolved] Email blocked - jlp - 11-16-2018

In spite of our best efforts to keep spammers off the board, our email provider has flagged our account as a spammer, and blocked outgoing and incoming emails Sad

We are working to resolve this, but if you have registered on the forum and are awaiting your confirmation email, that won't happen until the spamming issue is fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

RE: Email blocked - dave friend - 11-16-2018

I guess this explains why you never write to me anymore. Big Grin

RE: Email blocked - skunkbad - 11-16-2018

Maybe somebody that tries to sign up should have to answer some basic PHP questions.

RE: Email blocked - ciadmin - 11-19-2018

Our email has been unblocked, so registration should proceed as normal now.
We have been asked to take measures to enforce some sort of rate limits, and perhaps more to prevent spam from being sent out through the forum website. I will report more as we change things.

RE: [Resolved] Email blocked - ciadmin - 11-19-2018

I am not seeing a lot of the pending registrations proceeding. Users who registered during the last few days, when our email was blocked, may have to request that their email confirmation be resent.