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[Done] Alpha.4 coming Dec 15th - jlp - 12-09-2018

We are providing a heads up for the next alpha release, planned for Sat Dec 15th.

It will contain a minor backwards compatibility break, in order to align the path constants and folder names used in CodeIgniter 4:

- The *application* folder gets renamed *app* (matching *APPPATH*)
- The *BASEPATH* constant gets renamed *SYSTEMPATH* (matching the *system* folder)
- The remaining folders and constants remain the same
- The source code has been modified to accommodate these

There will be a few changes for you to make when upgrading to  this release:
- rename your *application* folder to *app*, if you download the framework or use an app installer
- global replace "application/" with "app/"
- global replace "BASEPATH" with "SYSTEMPATH"
- there may be similar adjustments to other parts of your code, depending on how much you have customized things

Once the dust has settled, paths will be set in a limited number of places:
- spark & system/bootstrap.php;  the path constants are set in these, the two intended entry points.
- app/Config/Paths.php - this class defies properties istead of constants, so that you might apply rules to determine their setting.

Our goals are two fold:
- Have stable & consistent path & folder naming, as we move forward
- Make it easier to handle developer preferences, if they want a different folder structure

The pull request that makes this happen is #1579, in case you wish to test the change yourself.
Please let us know your thoughts & concerns.

RE: Alpha.4 coming Dec 15th - kierownik - 12-09-2018

nice job guys

RE: Alpha.4 coming Dec 15th - php_rocs - 12-09-2018

Awesome news!!

RE: Alpha.4 coming Dec 15th - trollfalgar - 12-10-2018

Very good. This will be a great release.