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Smart cache library - msnisha - 12-10-2018

We have created a free smart cache library for CodeIgniter and made it available in Github at If anyone interested please download and use it. 


1. Partial caching of views
2. Keeping dynamic session variable within cached files using hook. (Example Username in cached header)
3. Conditionally accessing cache content.

RE: Smart cache library - ciadmin - 12-10-2018

This sounds interesting, but isn't this a cache library for CodeIgniter 2?
The comments in it suggest 2.0.2, which is pretty ancient!
The readme was updated two days ago, and previously in 2014, but the code hasn't been touched since 2012.

This doesn't sound like a service to the community, but more like a plug for your paid generator Sad
Is your generator as up-to-date as this cache addin?