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Session problem - Knutsford - 01-02-2019

I am having a problem with sessions

The site used to work. I have just reinstalled it after it has been archived for a bit and it is now storing a session every time it goes to a page. The Codeignitor version is 3.0.1. The Host has in the meantime upgraded PHP to 7.2 so could that be the problem? I don't know what it used to be. Do I need to upgrade Codeignitor and how do I upgrade if I need to? Thanks

RE: Session problem - InsiteFX - 01-02-2019

I believe that they had to update the sessions for php 7 I would look at the CodeIgniter Change Logs
to see if they did.

Best bet would be to upgrade to CodeIgniter 3.1.9

RE: Session problem - Knutsford - 01-02-2019

Thought so. How do I upgrade? Which bits do I need to copy over? I haven't done it before as I expect you have guessed.

RE: Session problem - ciadmin - 01-02-2019


RE: Session problem - Knutsford - 01-02-2019

The upgrade worked - thanks everyone