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Forum Anti-Spam Measures - jlp - 01-04-2019

Thank you to the community members who responded to our forum policy poll. We are updating the policy guidelines, linked to at the top of each subforum.

The new user ("newbie") member status, with moderated posts, has been increased to the first five posts and for at least one month after signup. Signatures  for new users will be suspended during that period, and only relevant links will be allowed.
Usernames will be reviewed, and those that are email addresses will be converted to the alllowed character set, replacing offending characters with underscores.
Posts that appear to be for the sole purpose of boosting SEO (eg "Your post was useful", especially for an old thread) will not be approved.

Our patience and tolerance for obvious or likely spam are at an all-time low. The revised forum policies & guidelines:

Please use English, and proper English at that, except for the "regional user groups" subforum.
Be respectful of others; personal differences should be handled elsewhere.
Do not use this forum to promote your non-related business.
Offensive language will not be tolerated. Spam is offensive.
It's a good idea to check if your question has been answered already.
Use meaningful titles when creating new threads.
Stay on topic. Thread-hijacking posts will not be approved.
Do not knowingly post copyrighted material.
If you want to format your posts, or to include code in them, use MyCode tags.
New users will not be allowed links in their signatures until they progress beyond "newbie" status.
Corporate logos should not be used for avatars.
Usernames should contain letters, digits, dots or underscores only - no emails.
Policy violators will have their posts deleted or not approved. Repeat violators or obvious spammers will be purged without notice.

Reminder: newly registered users have their first posts moderated. This may take a few hours or a few days, depending on what the volunteer moderators are up to.

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - jreklund - 01-04-2019

Sounds great to me. Keep up the good work!

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - skunkbad - 01-04-2019

@jlp , how come our signatures are displaying the way they are? Yours is messed up too.

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - ciadmin - 01-04-2019

@skunkbad Over-zealous option trimming as part of the anti-spam Undecided
I have cranked it down a notch, and the signatures show correctly again, phew!

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - carlos valencia - 01-04-2019

Thank you for reporting the rules. I wish you a Happy Year for the whole team, greetings from BarcelonaSpain

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - Bessalitskykh - 01-29-2019

Thank you for this helpful information!

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - php_rocs - 01-29-2019


Thx for all the effort that you put into this. It is much appreciated and helps to make the forum an awesome place to find out new things and help others.

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - spoorti1509 - 03-12-2019

Good keep it up and thanks for the information.

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - Jorgen_121 - 03-22-2019

Just signed up myself. Glad to see that this isn't going to be a forum full of barely legible comments and spam links!

Props to the mods. Keep up the good work!

RE: Forum Anti-Spam Measures - Jamie_Langer - 03-29-2019

That was a great help !