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Project Update 2019.01.04 - jlp - 01-04-2019

Wow - a year has flown by since the last project update!
2018 has seen a whirlwind of CodeIgniter 4 activity, especially during the last half of the year!

CodeIgniter 4:
  • Getting closer, with four alpha releases so far. The community has stepped up and is helping to flesh out missing features and uncover bugs.
  • There has been a bunch of refactoring and defect removals.
  • The SQLite driver is official.
  • Code coverage is sitting at about 77%, almost close enough!
  • Per the Github issue tracking, five issues remain for 4.0.0, and that is a substantial improvement over a few months ago.
  • We ask people to revisit any old PR's they have and either update them or close them, or comment that someone else should take over.
  • Our repository and distributions have been beefed up, embracing composer while not requiring it.
  • We continue to work on the installation & setup documentation, and the different ways to build an app with CI4. We now have a Vagrant script, though it still needs complete docs.
  • We expect to complete the alpha phase once the current database  issues are resolved. Our available time is limited, and more community involvement would be welcome!
CodeIgniter 3:
  • CodeIgniter 3 has had three minor releases during 2018, and is currently at 3.1.9.
  • A number of additional bug fixes and enhancements have been accumulated, and they will be bundled into a new release, probably this quarter.
  • There were a few security reports on HackerOne, but they turned out to be not applicable.
  • We have more than 12,800 forum members now, and almost 69,000 threads.
  • Keeping the forum free of spam and spammers is a never-ending battle ... we have updated our forum policies & guidelines, and are enforcing them with reduced patience & tolerance Undecided
  • Website & forum traffic are steady, sitting around 530K requests per day.
Looking forward, our goals for the first half of 2019:
  • We look forward to the completion & launch of 4.0.0!
  • We expect to have another 3.x release, whether it be 3.1.10 or 3.2
Thank you, the CodeIgniter community, for your support and engagement!

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - skunkbad - 01-04-2019

530k requests per day is impressive. Thanks for the update.

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - jasonzig - 01-04-2019

(01-04-2019, 08:16 PM)skunkbad Wrote: 530k requests per day is impressive. Thanks for the update.
I'm enjoying CodeIgniter 3 more than ever, and really looking forward to using CodeIgniter 4.
Thanks for the huge amount of  Heart and hard work that you and the rest of the CI team have put in!   Smile

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - keller - 01-05-2019

Very good!

Looking forward to the official release of CI 4.0.0.

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - Poetawd - 01-05-2019

Thank you Sir or the update !!!!

I can´t wait for CI 4 ! 

Great work !!!

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - cijagani - 01-06-2019

eagerly waiting for ci 4 release Heart

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - engel - 01-07-2019

Can't wait for the launch of CI4! A huge thanks to all!

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - clawhammer - 01-07-2019


Thanks for the update

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - php_rocs - 01-07-2019

Awesome news!!

Thanks to the CI community.

RE: Project Update 2019.01.04 - ranjithsiji - 01-07-2019

Eagerly waiting for 4.0. Lot of love for the development team Heart