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Upgrade codeignitor from - Knutsford - 01-13-2019

I am trying to upgrade from 2.1.3 to 3.1.9 but I then get "page can not be found". I  test copy of the site under /test which is what I am upgrading first. All I have done so far it to remove the old stuff under /system and put it the 3.1.9 copy of system. I know I need to change the session table layout but I wouldn't have thought that would be the reason. Has anyone got any idea why just upgrading the system files would cause that?  I don't want to touch anything else until I know that is what would be expected.

Hmm I see everything under controller has to start with a capital letter. Is that the same for the modules and Views and any libraries under them.  What about redirects? Are they lowercase still?

RE: Upgrade codeignitor from - ciadmin - 01-13-2019

Controllers, models & libraries in 3.1.9 should all be UCfirst, eg Order instead of order.
Views are case-sensitive, i.e. called the same as they are named.

There are undoubtedly changes in app/config also, and the structure of the error files in views/ is different too.

RE: Upgrade codeignitor from - Knutsford - 01-13-2019

So under controller where there is a library it should be controller/Step/One.php etc but redirects are still lowercase? Thanks

RE: Upgrade codeignitor from - dave friend - 01-13-2019

Redirects in lowercase are fine.