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Mysql request problem - alain - 02-13-2019

I can not solve the good qty in this request.
She always gives me double the value of qty.
The result is false when I put the following condition:

PHP Code:
$this->db->join('stocks_alert''stocks_alert.id_product = stocks.id_product');
$this->db->having('qty < qty_alert'); 

Here is the complete request:

PHP Code:
$this->db->select(', products.reference, products.label');
$this->db->select("(SUM(CASE WHEN slug IN ('orders','variation','transfer','add') THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END) - SUM(CASE WHEN slug ='used' THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END)) as qty");
$this->db->join('stocks''stocks.id_product ='); 
$this->db->join('stocks_alert''stocks_alert.id_product = stocks.id_product');
$this->db->having('qty < qty_alert');

I also tried sub-query, but I can not do it.

Would anyone have an idea to put me on the track.
Thank you to all of you. 

Excuse me for my english.

RE: Mysql request problem - php_rocs - 02-13-2019


Have you been able to run this query directly in MySQL? What does the fully constructed query look like?

I prefer to use the query binding approach when creating my queries (to me it is more readable)...

RE: Mysql request problem - alain - 02-14-2019

Thank you for your reply.

I did not know the query binding approach. I will deepen it for my developments.

Yes, my request works perfectly.
My problem is that at one point I have to do some qty_alert to compare it to qty. 
At this moment the result qty becomes false doubles its value.

Here is the query built:

PHP Code:
SELECT products.idproducts.referenceproducts.label, (SUM(CASE WHEN slug IN ('orders''variation''transfer''add'THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END) - SUM(CASE WHEN slug ='used' THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END)) as qtySUM('qty_alert') AS qty_alert 
FROM products JOIN stocks ON stocks
.id_product JOIN stock_alert ON stocks_alert.id_product stocks.id_product 
products.reference LIKE '%%' ESCAPE '!' OR products.label LIKE '%%' ESCAPE '!' GROUP BY HAVING qty qty_alert

RE: Mysql request problem - php_rocs - 02-14-2019


You probably have multiple records in one of your joins. I would view each join's query individually to see what values are there. Also, I noticed that you used JOINs instead of LEFT JOINS? Any reason for that?

RE: Mysql request problem - alain - 03-20-2019

Thank you for your help.
I have reconsidered all my request and now it is working properly. That's what I did as a request:

SELECT, products.reference, products.label, products.category, products.image, stocks.id_warehouse, (SUM(CASE WHEN slug IN ('orders', 'variation', 'transfer', 'add') THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END) - SUM(CASE WHEN slug ='used' THEN stocks.qty ELSE 0 END)) as qty, SUM(CASE WHEN stocks_alert.id_product = stocks.id_product  THEN stocks_alert.qty_alert ELSE 0 END) as qty_alert FROM products LEFT JOIN stocks ON stocks.id_product = LEFT JOIN stocks_alert ON stcks_alert.id_warehouse = stocks.id_warehouse WHERE (products.reference LIKE '%%'  ESCAPE '!' OR  products.label LIKE '%%' ESCAPE '!') GROUP BY HAVING (`qty` < `qty_alert`)

RE: Mysql request problem - php_rocs - 03-21-2019


Glad I could help.