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Free Video tutorial this month! - kilishan - 02-27-2019

Hey gang - it's coming up on my birthday so I wanted to do something special, so I'm giving away this month's video tutorial for free, whether you're a patron or not.

The video covers the new testing tools included in CodeIgniter 4 that are there to help you test all areas of your application. In addition to normal PHPUnit test case, CI4 includes new database tools specific for testing, the ability to test your Controllers in isolation, and the ability to test entire endpoints of your application. The view gives a quick overview of the features so that you know what's available and where they might be useful.

If you're new to testing your application, the time has never been better to get started with it.

If you like this video please consider becoming a patron at any of the different tiers.


Oh! I'll be doing another freebie tutorial in the next week or so and want to know, what do you guys want to know about?

RE: Free Video tutorial this month! - php_rocs - 02-28-2019


Thx. CI4 is progressing very nicely.

RE: Free Video tutorial this month! - InsiteFX - 02-28-2019

Thank you very much for your hard work.

RE: Free Video tutorial this month! - kilishan - 03-20-2019

A little later than expected due to overtime and sick family, but here's the other "birthday freebie" covering Handling Database Relations in CodeIgniter 4 with Entities.

I think this approach is pretty similar to how I'd do things in previous versions. I'd love to know how you guys handle it currently, though. What do you do the same or different?