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How to make projiects? - Mary96 - 03-08-2019

Hi every one, i need your help. I have completed responsive design projects but after it i didn’t motivate myself to do other projects.I ended up with many tutorials on different sites but it didn’t help me to get good knowledge of practical can i do that? pls

RE: How to make projiects? - msjagan - 03-08-2019

First try to connect controller with modal by passing value from views. Once you become familiar with that then practice the sample project with tutorials available online.

RE: How to make projiects? - php_rocs - 03-08-2019


If you have completed the training project, now is the time to either expand on that project (add more features to it) or think of one where you can build it yourself (using the experience you got from your completed project). Yes, it will not be easy (self motivation is important) but it will help you to become more familiar with what to do.