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Phpstorm $this->model_name->method() highlighted - stoyo - 03-13-2019

Hello, i am new with CodeIgniter so i started to read the docs, specially in the "Model" section there is a code:


I downloaded Phpstorm Codeigniter plugin and Codeigniter Snippets plugin.But there is still a problem with the code above, when i type:

$this->model_name   - it gets highlighted so it is not found and i cant get autocomplete for the methods in the model class. Should i put some Phpdoc annotation ?

RE: Phpstorm $this->model_name->method() highlighted - badger - 03-13-2019

at the start of your controller class put phpdoc like this
PHP Code:
* Class Google
* @property Stock_model $stock_model
* @property Shop_model $shop_model

class Google extends Admin_Controller{
 function __construct()

RE: Phpstorm $this->model_name->method() highlighted - salain - 03-13-2019


Solution Here

RE: Phpstorm $this->model_name->method() highlighted - stoyo - 03-13-2019

Thanks to both of you, but now the other problem are the variables passed to the view:
PHP Code:
 $data['curr_url'] = current_url();

PHP Code:
* @see Main::index()
* @var Main $curr_url

echo $curr_url 

It highlights the $curr_url and it says that there is no "__toString" method in Main controller class.