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RE: Asset Loader Library - MGatner - 03-18-2019

Along the same lines as this, the second library is published! Check out the user alerts library announcement:
While publishing that one I realized I hadn't tagged tatter/assets with a release so composer was giving warnings unless you changed your minimum stability. That's fixed now so the asset loader can correctly be installed: `composer require tatter/assets`

RE: Asset Loader Library - MGatner - 03-19-2019

Small update, thanks @PaulD, the library functions now return their output instead of displaying them directly. This shouldn't be a big change since there are no views in use, but the helper functions now should be output instead of simply called:
`css();` -> `echo css();`

RE: Asset Loader Library - MGatner - 03-25-2019

Version 2! Not really a big change but I moved configuration from the constructor to a Config file and replaced the helper with an actual Service. This change will break existing uses of the library, but version 2.0 should prevent Composer from auto-updating it. If anyone does update from 1 => 2 just be sure to save any custom configs (app/Config/Assets.php) and port them into a new config file using Assets.php.example as a base.
Check out the third library if you haven't already: Traffic Tracking (