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Post's comments - wishmaster - 03-21-2019

Hi, colleagues!

For my small blog I've added ability to post comments. Now it's just plain, w/o ability to post an answer to the comment. But I am planning to add this ability. I do not want invent the wheel, so may be anybody has useful link with some help/useful information regarding my question?
Especially I need info about DB structure.

Thank you.

RE: Post's comments - InsiteFX - 03-21-2019

Nested Comments using Codeigniter, AJAX

RE: Post's comments - wishmaster - 03-25-2019

(03-21-2019, 08:39 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: Nested Comments using Codeigniter, AJAX

Thanks for reply, but oh my God! This is Hindu code. HTML markup in the model....
Again, thanks, some useful information I have gotten, though.

RE: Post's comments - InsiteFX - 03-25-2019

Here is another one.

Threaded Comments in Codeigniter Easy Way.