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Traffic Tracking Library - MGatner - 03-25-2019

Hi all! I'm a long-time user with many live CI3 projects. Managing libraries across them got to be almost as much work as each project, so I developed five "zero conf" libraries to add core functions I needed which could be dropped in and used without setup. I never got around to publishing them, but as I rewrite them for CI4 I'll be making them available.
Next up, the third library:

Tatter/Visits - "Zero conf" traffic tracking for CodeIgniter 4

Basic usage:
1. Install with Composer: `> composer require tatter/visits`
2. Update the database: `> php spark migrate:latest -n Tatter`
3. Add to controller: `service('visits')->record();`

I learned a lot from this library as it is more involved than the previous two, so I'll be reworking the Asset Loader and User Alert libraries to be more "CodeIgniter 4"-style. As always I am eager for feedback, suggestions, and contributions - feel free to respond here or on GitHub (
Thanks for reading!

RE: Traffic Tracking Library - kilishan - 03-25-2019

These are looking pretty nice. Thanks for sharing!

RE: Traffic Tracking Library - MGatner - 03-26-2019

Welcome! And thanks for taking a look. This is part of my learning process, and I’m really getting my head around CI4 now. If you have any suggestions or critiques I’d gladly receive them - I’ve got some more libraries to port over but then I hope to add more originals as my need arises.