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Documentation ? and Requests - gmgj - 03-26-2019


This not clear to me.  it says rename active_record ; but shows, active_group and a query_builder variable? 

Suggest edit[a) you need to add the following (if not there)
b)You need to change the following
3) This is what it looks like

Step 7: Update your config/database.php

Due to 3.0.0’s renaming of Active Record to Query Builder, inside your config/database.php, you will need to rename the 

 variable to 



[font=Consolas,]$active_group = 'default';
// $active_record = TRUE;
$query_builder = TRUE;

RE: Documentation ? and Requests - InsiteFX - 03-27-2019

If your use CodeIgniter 3.1.10 then you do not need to change anything, it has already been changes.