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What’s Up - MGatner - 03-30-2019

I’m 10 hours in the car with the kids., someone throw me something... What are you all working on? What do you plan to use CI4 for? Will you rewrite your CI3 app to use CI4 or not?

RE: What’s Up - orionstar - 03-30-2019

Rewrite of my cms, crm, erp, lots of new APIs. Now it seems we're starting a new startup based on one of our old project what had at the time a CI2 based backend, probably it will be my first CI4 project in the coming months after the neccessary business negotiations. Tongue

RE: What’s Up - skunkbad - 03-30-2019

I’m waiting to see how well received ci4 is in the dev community. I have no plans to start new projects, and as awful as it is, most of the work I’ve done lately is revolving around Wordpress. I still want to start a Symfony project. I’m not very enthusiastic about converting old ci projects to ci4. Actually, I’m spending more time playing guitar...

RE: What’s Up - MGatner - 03-31-2019

@orionstar If any of those projects are open source I’d love to take a look!

@skunkbad At this point I’m only planing on rewriting one CI3 project - though I’m very excited about new projects in CI4. I think it’s a great change for the health of CI to move on without regard to backwards compatibility, but it does mean that a lot of projects will be left behind. And kudos for you taking the time to guitar - I play classical but the kids have been a huge time killer, poor thing gets little love these days.

RE: What’s Up - MGatner - 03-31-2019

Now I regret not making this a poll about rewriting CI3 projects... but still very curious to hear people’s decisions on it.

RE: What’s Up - daif - 03-31-2019

I am planing to rewrite ErtikazOS project ... this year maybe Smile

RE: What’s Up - albertleao - 03-31-2019

Been using CI3 for years and years. Planning on migrating some of my CI3 apps to symfony, and others to laravel.

RE: What’s Up - ciadmin - 03-31-2019

@albertleao Sad to hear Sad Maybe CI4 will tempt you back into the fold Smile

RE: What’s Up - albertleao - 03-31-2019

(03-31-2019, 12:17 PM)ciadmin Wrote: @albertleao Sad to hear Sad Maybe CI4 will tempt you back into the fold Smile

I'm not as worried about CI4 than I am the community around it. It's just become easier and easier to find devs that are already extremely familiar with laravel and/or symfony here in the USA. Everytime I interview a 'codeigniter' dev, I end up talking to a dev that still talks in 'php 5.4  - php 5.6' lingo. When I interview devs that are fluent in symfony or laravel, I find that they are in general better developers all around.

AWS conferences, PHP conferences/meetups, online forums and tutorials, and the latest toolings are all geared for symfony and laravel devs with specific tutorials for them. I've met Jeremy Lindbom (AWS PHP guy) several times and gone to their php courses at RE:Invent and everyone there speaks in laravel or symfony terms.

I personally wish CI4 had gone the symfony route and just become a set of components that could be imported anywhere. It's just going to be a huge uphill battle to gain the developer traction against 2 extremely well funded and marketed endeavors in Laravel and Symfony.

I'll hang around here for a while though, I still have plenty of work in CI3 that won't be migrating anytime soon =). And just as my sig says, these are all just tools! As long as CI is offering a set of features/tools that I can't find anywhere else, it will have it's place.

RE: What’s Up - orionstar - 04-01-2019

(03-31-2019, 03:46 AM)MGatner Wrote: @orionstar If any of those projects are open source I’d love to take a look!

I don't have any open source projects, dont have the time for that kind of commitment, I'm a one man show... Big Grin
If you wish we can make a skype call and show you around my stuff.
Hit me with a pm if u interested. Wink