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CI Nopb (Need some advice) - JoshB312 - 03-31-2019

Hey guys

I have just taken over a site for a client which is built on CI by a previous company which I have never dealt with before - Once I uploaded to my server and got the site running the admin side did not allow me to log in anymore. It can tell I am a user with the correct credentials but it just redirects back on itself to the login page again.

Any help or advice would be appreciated and I am sorry for the vagueness with the information but I am a total novice with this.



RE: CI Nopb (Need some advice) - InsiteFX - 04-01-2019

Did you export the database tables for the application and install them on your system?

RE: CI Nopb (Need some advice) - adamoli - 04-03-2019

This sounds like a session misconfiguration.
Have you checked your session and cookie settings in config/config.php?
Specially cookie_domain, cookie_secure or any setting that may restrict session access.