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Accessing default controller - TamasD - 04-22-2019


Just installed beta2.

For some reason I can't access the default controller by just going to http://localhost:8080/mysite/

only by going to http://localhost:8080/mysite/public

I have changed the baseUrl to

PHP Code:
public $baseURL 'http://localhost:8080/mysite/'

also in the env file.


RE: Accessing default controller - ciadmin - 04-22-2019

It sounds like you are pointing your document root to the folder above your project, eg "htdocs".
The doucment root should point to your project's public folder, eg "htdocs/myproject/public".
You would then reference your site as "localhost:8080".

RE: Accessing default controller - TamasD - 04-22-2019

Well, CI is installed into http://localhost:8080/mysite/

I didn't copy the CI files directly into the htdocs folder because I have a bunch of other projects there.

RE: Accessing default controller - InsiteFX - 04-22-2019

-- project_name
---- app
---- system
---- public
------ index.php
------ assets