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Multi Upload return TRUE - googlemy - 05-05-2019

Hi CI Members,

I have issue when I submit form without upload any image and system not detect the input is empty,
But when I remove "[]" in name is work.

I hope CI Members can help me to solve my issue.

<input type="file" class="form-control-file" id="preview_image" name="preview_image[]" multiple>

PHP Code:
if (isset($_FILES['preview_image']['name'])
       && ($_FILES['preview_image']['name'] != '' || is_array($_FILES['preview_image']['name']) && count($_FILES['preview_image']['name']) > 0)) {
       if (!is_array($_FILES['preview_image']['name'])) {
//Upload Code

   return (bool) $totalUploaded

Thanks you...

RE: Multi Upload return TRUE - InsiteFX - 05-05-2019

Maybe this will help you out.

How to upload Multiple Files and Images in CodeIgniter

RE: Multi Upload return TRUE [Solved] - googlemy - 05-05-2019

Hi InsiteFX,

Thanks because try to help me.

Problem solved already..
PHP Code:
if ($_FILES["preview_image"]['name'][0] !== '') {