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CodeIgniter 4 Vision Board - jlp - 05-16-2019

Part of strategizing the project is describing the "vision" that drives development and strategic decisions.
We are sharing that with the community as a "vision board", for your comments and feedback.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Vision Board - Alex2005 - 05-17-2019

Excited to see CodeIgniter modernizing. I used CodeIgniter back in 2006 through to 2010 or so, though I believe I was first exposed to what would become CodeIgniter through Expression Engine in late 2005. Although I've not been making new projects with CI since around 2010-2011 I retain a fondness for CodeIgniter as one of the first PHP frameworks I used heavily.

I actually picked up a legacy project recently that is using CodeIgniter 1.7.2 and I was looking to modernise it and noticed the CodeIgniter 4 alpha while I was browsing the docs.

Regarding the vision for the future development of CodeIgniter, is this an appropriate place to comment on a code feature I think is lacking modernization?

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Vision Board - ciadmin - 05-17-2019

@Alex2005 Feature requests, or something needing modernization, should be raised in the Feature Requests forum (

Good to see you looking at the framework again Smile

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Vision Board - Alex2005 - 05-17-2019

Thanks very much for the reply and for the pointer. I will search the Feature Requests forum to see if the feature I am interested in has been discussed previously.