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Load Library in a Core Class 2019 - 41As - 05-17-2019

Hi folks,

We found answers to the issue we are facing on this forum, but they are three years old:

So, we're wondering if anyone has a better solution…

We're trying to avoid both of these poor practices:
1.  using a non-CodeIgniter solution for sending email, as well as
2.  modifying the CodeIgniter code.

We followed and wrote a core class MY_Log that extends CI_Log to send emails when logging an error

However, it outputs Notice: Undefined property: MP_Log::$load
followed by Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function library()
on the line with $this->load->library('email');

Please let us know if you have a more elegant & maintainable solution than those in the link above.


RE: Load Library in a Core Class 2019 - InsiteFX - 05-17-2019

With out seeing your code we can not help you on this.

Post your source for your MY_Log.php

Also did you save it under ./application/core ???

RE: Load Library in a Core Class 2019 - 41As - 05-17-2019

Thanks for your reply InsiteFX.

For example code, please refer to - we are doing the exact same thing as the OP there - for the meanwhile, we have successfully implemented PHPMailer as per some of the advice in that thread.

Our MY_Log.php is in the correct location, and extends the Log.php successfully.

The solution that we seek in this thread would be the same as for the other thread - as mentioned, there's no purpose in showing our code, because the starting point is the original code with a by-the-book extended core class, done identically to the older thread asking the same question - it's a few years later now, and we were hoping someone might have a solution for loading CodeIgniter's email library into a core class, without modifying CI against best-practices.