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Code Errors - Imlil - 05-29-2019

Hi Guys,
I just launched a new website but when I analyse it in proffessional site, find many errors on the code.
how to solve it?

please advice

RE: Code Errors - ciadmin - 05-29-2019

What kind of errors are being reported? The website link was removed as being potential spam.

RE: Code Errors - Imlil - 05-29-2019

Thank you so much for your reply
This is the website *REDACTED*
The meta description not showing on Google search
It shows something different

RE: Code Errors - ciadmin - 05-29-2019

I redacted the website again, as not appropriate - looking like an SEO spam post.

The site looks like a wordpress site, using a specific SEO plugin ... that's where I would look for problems.
This does not look like a site built with CodeIgniter, and not a CodeIgniter problem.