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Codeigniter Store - daif - 05-29-2019

Hi Codeigniters

I started working on a new project named ErtikazOS since the Codeigniter was in the alpha version.

ErtikazOS is a set of tools and commands that help Codeigniter developer to create controller, model, entity, migration, seeder and view (it work good with bootstrap 4).

After a while I found out that there is a need for an application store for Codeigniter developer Smile then I create some commands to create a package and upload it to the store and a command to download package and more. (I wish we have an official store in the future.

I am ready for your feedback.

RE: Codeigniter Store - includebeer - 05-31-2019

So it's a tool to install packages. What's the difference with Composer?

RE: Codeigniter Store - daif - 06-06-2019

it is unlike composer, store:push and store:pull target CodeIgniter applications which allow you to add routes and filters to the config files.
other commands will make your life easier by generating some files like migrations, controllers, models and views.

Composer is packages manager and ErtikazOS is an applications manger for CodeIgniter.