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BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-30-2008


I tried moving the folder beneath system just to see if it would work, but it didn't, so I moved it back to the root. Thanks for any help that you can provide!


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008

Hi Brian,

Matchbox looks for the modules folder according to the config/matchbox.php file in your application folder. By default it is set to look for the folder 2 levels above the application folder.

It seems odd to me why this is happening. One thing I can think of is please can you turn debug logging on and take a look at the log files (There will be alot of entries). In there you will look at how matchbox tries to load certain files. Please can you post the bit where it is trying to load modules/page/libraries/page.php.

The problem seems to be that the library is not being loaded. Can you also confirm that Line 68 of applications/config/matchbox.php is
$config['directories'] = array('../../modules');
and that the modules folder in at the root level (i.e same level as system).

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008

Thanks for the quick response. I changed line 68 of matchbox.php to

$config['directories'] = array('../../modules', '/modules');

It still didn't work, so I tried to turn on debugging as you requested. I have the following settings:

index.php - error_reporting(E_ALL);
config.php - $config['log_threshold'] = 2;
config.php - $config['log_path'] = '';

Unfortunately, I just get a blank screen when I run my script with the log threshold set to anything but 0, and no log file is generated in my /system/logs folder for review.

Thanks for your help!


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008

I forgot to mention it, but yes, the modules folder is at the root, which is the same level as my system folder. One thing I neglected to mention is that I'm running CodeIgniter 1.6.3, so please let me know if that might be a problem.


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008

This is most likly becasue the logs folder is not writable. Please make sure it is writeable then try again with debuging loging.

All the directories supplied to the matchbox config variable array must be relative to the APPLICATION PATH.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008

I changed the permissions and saw the following in the log file:

DEBUG - 2008-07-01 07:56:26 --> Matchbox Class Initialized

However, I didn't see any mention of Page.php, and I tried setting my log threshold to 2 and 4.


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-01-2008


All I can say is WOW, what a great job you've done.

Going off some of the posts here, this appears to be one of the most under-estimated pieces of work.

After switching between CI, Cake, Zend, Symphony and Qcodo several times, I finally settled on CI a couple of months ago (congrats on a great framework and community Derek!).

Working on my latest project I tried all of the usual suspects for a good back-end system before finally writing my own because nothing seemed to fit my needs.

I only downloaded BackendPro out of curiosity, but after spending half a day playing around with it I'm hooked.

At the end of the day, it was the fine grained ACL system that did it for me since my app requires many different permissions for different users.
Add in the excellent asset caching, csstidy integration, _container views, minimal approach to the admin system... well the list goes on.

What I'm trying to say is, thanks, this is a great starting point for developing anything more than a very simple application. It has excellent documentation and is flexible enough to suit almost any project I can think of.

Just one suggestion.
On installation, I would allow the admin to choose their own encryption key, since anyone wanting to port their existing application/database may have problems with existing user passwords.
Fortunately I'm still in the early stages and only have around 30 admin type users at the moment. However I have several thousand 'standard' users for whom I will be developing login protected pages for.
I can work around this problem but it might be a good idea to have the option from the outset. Smile

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-03-2008

@Brian: Sorry its taken a while to reply but been very busy. Are there no other log messages at all? There should be one for every file which is loaded. Could you clear your log file and then try loading BeP again, this time posting the entire thing so I can see. Sadly from what I'm going on so far I have no idea what the issue is.

@outrage: Thank you so much for the feedback, glad you like it. I will take the encryption key idea into consideration for the next version.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-07-2008

hello, I had a problem, when do something in BackendPro such as delete or change users member a had transaction error like this:

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1205

Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

DELETE FROM `be_users` WHERE `id` = '2'

It's a problem whith mysql server or with backend pro?

UPDATE: I restart mysql server and now all works fine..

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-07-2008

Looks like either a MySQL server issue or a CI Database class problem. It must be happening since there is a relation between two tables and for some reason it can't lock the table since something already has, so it times out. I would try restarting MySQL server if you can, also check to see if you can see how long the lock timeout is, maybe its set to 0 or something.