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BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-21-2010

I am not sure if I wrote this before.
My wish list to a BEP version 1.0:

Currently when I install BEP, it adds be_ in the database.
I wish I could modify it when I install it.
Because I want to install more than one application to one database.


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-24-2010

Hi Adam...
I've upgraded to latest xampp, with php 5.3.1, etc. and now all my apps are screwed...
More info:

Do you have any idea what I could do to fix?

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-25-2010

BackendPro 0.6.1 dosn't yet work with PHP 5, you can patch it by following the following instructions.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-25-2010

Thanks Adam, just fixing the #414 line in Loader.php worked...

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-28-2010

Adam, i was wondering if you have any updates to the SVN? i have not seen anything new checked in since May 22.. Sad

Looking forward to all the nice fixes..


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 06-30-2010

No, sadly I am having to work flat out at work to get some stuff done, so by the time it gets to weekend/evening the last thing I want to do is go on the computer again.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-05-2010

Hi Adam
I'm being asked about some stuff, and I wonder if I'll be able to do it with BP:

The Admin user will be the only one with access to BP (Control Panel). All the other users will access only to the frontend site. But there's an user called "Distributor" which should be able to add users to the application. These users will be final users with "more restricted profile" than Distributor

What would be your advice?

1- To do it with BP by tweaking some stuff (how?)
2- To do some gui in the app and use BP functions?

PS: each user should be able to change his password in the "profile" section of the app. Which BP functions should I use for this? from which file?

Thanks again

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-12-2010

Hi Adam,

I am having a problem to access session user_data.

In controller:
$data['user_data'] = $this->session->userdata('user_data');

In view:
var_dump ($user_data);
var_dump ($user_data['username']);

I can retrieve ip_address, session_id, and others except user_data.

When I var_dump() it, it display bool(false) even though I can see data in database.

Can you tell me how to access/retrieve user_data in BEP?

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 07-12-2010

Ok, never mind. I found it.

$data['user_data'] = $this->session->userdata('username');

Thanks anyway.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-01-2010

Question regarding custom user profile,

Hi Adam.
After reading the manual, I have a couple of questions.

Q1. Could you suggest the best way to auto fill custom user profile when editing?

Currently all the custom fields I created are blank and when I update, I have to fill all.

I guess I can pull the data from the table be_user_profiles and use something like this.

echo "\n<p><label for='comname'>Company Name</label><br/>\n";
$data = array('name'=>'company_name','id'=>'comname','size'=>40, 'value' => $profiles['company_name']);
echo form_input($data) ."</p>\n";

Q2. I updated Userlib config file

$config['userlib_profile_rules'] = array('gender' => 'required|alpha');

Do I still have to set validation rules and validate in function form()?

this is your code.
function form($id = NULL)
        $fields['id'] = "ID";
        $fields['username'] = $this->lang->line('userlib_username');
        $fields['email'] = $this->lang->line('userlib_email');
        $fields = array_merge($fields, $this->config->item('userlib_profile_fields'));

        // Setup validation rules
        if( is_null($id))
            // Use create user rules (make sure no-one has the same email)
            $rules['username'] = "trim|required|spare_username";
            $rules['email'] = "trim|required|valid_email|spare_email";
            $rules['password'] = "trim|required|min_length[".$this->preference->item('min_password_length')."]|matches[confirm_password]";

Q3. I am wondering what $this->validation->username in your example code.
It seems setting the value, but how come it is using $this->validation->username.

&lt;?php print form_label($this->lang->line('userlib_username'),'username')?&gt;
                &lt;?php print form_input('username',$this->validation->username,'id="username" class="text"')?&gt;

I appreciate any inputs.

Thanks in advance.