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BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-18-2010

I'm having trouble debugging using NetBeans and Xdebug. It seems my file names are changed when BackendPro is running the show as the code is executing.

Here's an example of what's going on.

Lets say I'm working on a Controller file myClass.php that has the class name MyClass. This class extends Admin_Controller.

The file is the folder myFolder.

I have a breakpoint on line 50 in the function myFunction. The breakpoint is hit and I'm looking at a stack trace in NetBeans.

I would expect the stacktrace to contain:

But what I actually see is:

Notice how MyClass gets stuck in there at the end of the file name?

This messes up the display of the NetBeans debugger. Xdebug is working because I can see the contents of variables. It's just that there's no visual cue as to where execution is without watching the line numbers in the stack trace. A real pain!

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Thanks very much!


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-20-2010

hi Adam.
i've got some problems about the session data.

i created some user profiles fields in the be_user_profies table,i.e. nickname,website,etc...
so i just want to get the profiles data by using the session data.
at first,i tried to get them by querying $this->session->userdata('nickname')
uh..i got nothing. i knew that i can get the data from the be_users table(like username,id,and so on...)

but the question is that CAN I GET THE USER PROFILES DATA BY USING SESSION DATA?...oh..can you help me ? thanks!

and this is the ci_sessions table's data.. (is there something wrong??i guess so..the profiles seems noting at all.. but i did add them in phpMyAdmin)

a:14:{s:2:"id";s:1:"3";s:8:"username";s:4:"test";s:5:"email";s:13:"[email protected]";s:8:"password";s:40:"2ed58165c1aa5dd2320ce0a2b02e7f9ec2c2045d";s:6:"active";s:1:"1";s:10:"last_visit";s:19:"2010-08-10 12:53:04";s:7:"created";s:19:"2010-07-28 10:21:45";s:8:"modified";s:0:"";s:5:"group";s:6:"Member";s:8:"group_id";s:1:"1";s:8:"nickname";s:0:"";s:8:"location";s:0:"";s:7:"website";s:0:"";i:0;s:0:"";} is..the field "nickname","location" NULL..but it has data.

well,i've found in this topic from page1 to page 66,but i don't know how to solve..

thank you,i love BeP.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-21-2010

Hi ,

I am using PHP5.3.1, trying to install Backend Prp latest version with CodeIgniter 1.7.2.
on The Installation page I am getting following ERROR:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: 8192
Message: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
Filename: libraries/Loader.php
Line Number: 414

Anybody faced this problem before.

Please help.

Sujit Kirve

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-28-2010

I am running into Ticket#173 reported for backendpro on assembla:

"Login loop if user is logged in but dosn't have permission to page"

Is there a quick workaround or a fix/patch I can apply?


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 08-29-2010

How about a change from Matchbox to ME (Modular Extensions)? With Matchbox it is not possible to create a flexible design with different modules (with own controllers) showed on one page (i.e. a sidebar with news, details based on other pages, etc., which is displayed on every page).

Matchbox = MVC

Maybe its possible with Matchbox too, but I don't know how. Maybe someone has a good idea on that for me, how to create flexible multi-module-pages with Matchbox...

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 09-02-2010

@CARP 5th July:
There is no way in the backend to do this. When a user has access to add users they can add them at what every level they want. You would have to implement this front end. As for the code to use. Just have a look at the code used on the members page, in there is all you need for changing password groups etc.

@shinokada 1st Aug:
Q1: Not sure about this. You would have to modify the actual form behind the user profile to inject the default values on edit.
Q2: If you are talking about user profile fields then no, it should do the validation for you.
Q3: This is using the old validation class I belive and what it is doing is repopualating the input field after the user has submitted it.

@marty_schrechtman 19th Aug:
Never used XDebug before but what you actualy see is what I would expect. Specialy if the function is in a class called MyClass.

@sutar 20th Aug:
By the look of things there is a bug in the code where it loads up your session data on logging in. The bug may be in getUsers in the users/user_model.php class.

@kirvesujit 21st Aug:
Please see the post

@columbus13 28th Aug:
No fix yet, I will hopefuly fix this in the next release

@squeez 29th Aug:
I am looking at using Modular Separation in version 1.0 but so far not through of HMVC. My only concen is it is overkill for most people

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 09-05-2010

I'm not able to create new resources. If i try to create one, the message "Cannot add the resource 'xxx' since it already exists!", but "xxx" does not exist!

Any idea why? I'm searching, but I cannot find the problem.

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 09-05-2010

What is the name of the resource you are creating?

BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 09-05-2010

Every word I try results in this error message. Try


BackendPro 0.6.1 - El Forum - 09-06-2010

From looking at the code. Its failing to create the resource in acl_resources.php line 130. Off the top of my head I don't know why its failing, some debuging is my only solution. Is the sql failing?