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Intermittent page load delay - btraill - 06-13-2019


Experiencing this rather odd issue, users have been complaining lately that when accessing our site every few refreshes are extremely delayed 10seconds-30seconds. Sometimes it it's OK for a little while, sometimes its not.

Our network team on-site says no issues, firewall team says no issues, etc. The only thing I've heard back is that it appears that for a few reloads it behaves normally, and then intermittently the following HTTP request(s) will delay on obtaining/setting the cookie (ci_session i think).

Any ideas? I've been going crazy the past week!

RE: Intermittent page load delay - php_rocs - 06-13-2019


Have you checked the CI log files to see if any system messages where posted? Also, when the users experience issues is it on a specific page of the site or is it any page of the site?