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video tutorials and debug bar ? - yarek - 06-26-2019

I am new to CI : I have just basis of CI3

1) I could not really find any video tutorials (on lynda, video2brain, linkedlearning): is there a video tuto for CI4 available ?

2) I run CI on local apache with WAMP. How do I enable to debug bar ? I searched in /Config and could not find such parameters


RE: video tutorials and debug bar ? - ciadmin - 06-26-2019

Lonnie has some video tutorials on his Patreon page.

The debug bar should be enabled automatically in "development" mode. I don't have a link handy, but one of the other community members might.

RE: video tutorials and debug bar ? - MGatner - 06-26-2019

Debug toolbar is enabled by default for development - likely you need to set your environment. Best bet is to rename (in the root) env to .env and uncomment and set CI_ENVIRONMENT to "development" (see also

On the off chance that it isn't an environment issue, the Toolbar config is located at app/Config/Toolbar.php and it is activated by app/Config/Events.php ("Debug Toolbar Listeners"). Good luck!