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CodeIgniter 4 Logo - jlp - 07-20-2019

Important: the project is NOT updatng the logo for CodeIgniter4, after much community feedback, proposals in Sept, and a preferences poll in October. This was announced on October 4, 2019.
There is nothing wrong with floatng your ideas and artwork here, but the logo "issue" has been resolved for the forseeable future.

Introducing the CodeIgniter 4 logo, to differentiate the new version from CodeIgniter 3.
We are releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License [Image: 80x15.png]

Many thanks to Philippe Lucidarme, in France, who created and donated this to the project Smile

[Image: codeigniter4logo.png]
Download it in ICO, PNG and SVG versions.

UPDATE, 25Aug2019

The posts in this thread have made it clear that the community would like a say in the new logo.
Post & discuss suggestions here, by Sept 15th. We will then create a CodeIgniter 4 logo poll, with the contenders, for community feedback.

- looking for logo only (text & font style are separate)
- recognizably "CodeIgniter", so maintaining the flame style somehow
- differentiated from earlier versions, eg by incorporating the digit "4"
- SVG format, so we can bundle it in the default app homepage, without triggering an additionl HTTP request
- similar ratio as existing logos (9:10 oe 1:1), so we can incorporate it into materials without design/CSS changes

Post your SVGs here (or a link), or email them to me, before Sept 15th, thanks.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - rmcdahal - 07-20-2019

wow looks great

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - demyr - 07-20-2019

Flipping the inner flame horizontally (from left to right) might derive from the idea of shape of "4", however, in my opinion it is a primitive idea as it looks like a wrench (sorry). Simplicity is the best and the hardest thing to achieve in design (a well-known quote says : simplicity is the ultimate sophistication) and there is a fine distinction between primitive idea and simplicity.

Plus, I am afraid, we cannot mention about the perfect/corporate shaping of the inner flame which was disrupted because of this 4 idea. 

Please check an example here (not my design. Just an example for the perfection).

If the shape of a wrench was done on purpose, then I have nothing to say.  

Good Luck with the new one and still thanks for the effort.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ciadmin - 07-20-2019

We went through several iterations, with design themes/variations, and unanimously chose this one, with the "4" cut out of the center. Now that you mention it, the "4" could look like a wrench, which is totally appropriate (serendipitous, even)!

There are similarities with our process and the one that you link to, though theirs is more extensive, formal, and undoubtedly expensive Undecided

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ignitedcms - 07-21-2019

Looking great!

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - MIS - 07-21-2019

Very nice. Thanks Heart

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ignitedcms - 07-21-2019

This was my idea I was thinking something like a bonfire.

[Image: ci.jpg]

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - albertleao - 07-21-2019

(07-21-2019, 03:10 AM)ignitedcms Wrote: This was my idea I was thinking something like a bonfire.

[Image: ci.jpg]

That looks great. I personally feel the voted on logo looks a little bit too "comic sans"

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - orionstar - 07-22-2019

+1 for @demyr! its not serious enought, if you absolutly want to follow the engraved idea i think the "4" should be easily recognizable so a proper "4" number should be placed there but the right top part can be omitted

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ciadmin - 07-23-2019

We wanted to refresh the logo for the new version of CodeIgniter, with 3 goals:
- recognizably "CodeIgniter"
- distinct from the current logo
- somehow incorporating the digit "4"

The campfire logo above, while simple & symmetric, only meets the second of these goals.