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CodeIgniter 4 Logo - jlp - 07-20-2019

Introducing the CodeIgniter 4 logo, to differentiate the new version from CodeIgniter 3.
We are releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License [Image: 80x15.png]

Many thanks to Philippe Lucidarme, in France, who created and donated this to the project Smile

[Image: codeigniter4logo.png]
Download it in ICO, PNG and SVG versions.

UPDATE, 25Aug2019

The posts in this thread have made it clear that the community would like a say in the new logo.
Post & discuss suggestions here, by Sept 15th. We will then create a CodeIgniter 4 logo poll, with the contenders, for community feedback.

- looking for logo only (text & font style are separate)
- recognizably "CodeIgniter", so maintaining the flame style somehow
- differentiated from earlier versions, eg by incorporating the digit "4"
- SVG format, so we can bundle it in the default app homepage, without triggering an additionl HTTP request
- similar ratio as existing logos (9:10 oe 1:1), so we can incorporate it into materials without design/CSS changes

Post your SVGs here (or a link), or email them to me, before Sept 15th, thanks.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - rmcdahal - 07-20-2019

wow looks great

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - demyr - 07-20-2019

Flipping the inner flame horizontally (from left to right) might derive from the idea of shape of "4", however, in my opinion it is a primitive idea as it looks like a wrench (sorry). Simplicity is the best and the hardest thing to achieve in design (a well-known quote says : simplicity is the ultimate sophistication) and there is a fine distinction between primitive idea and simplicity.

Plus, I am afraid, we cannot mention about the perfect/corporate shaping of the inner flame which was disrupted because of this 4 idea. 

Please check an example here (not my design. Just an example for the perfection).

If the shape of a wrench was done on purpose, then I have nothing to say.  

Good Luck with the new one and still thanks for the effort.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ciadmin - 07-20-2019

We went through several iterations, with design themes/variations, and unanimously chose this one, with the "4" cut out of the center. Now that you mention it, the "4" could look like a wrench, which is totally appropriate (serendipitous, even)!

There are similarities with our process and the one that you link to, though theirs is more extensive, formal, and undoubtedly expensive Undecided

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ignitedcms - 07-21-2019

Looking great!

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - MIS - 07-21-2019

Very nice. Thanks Heart

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ignitedcms - 07-21-2019

This was my idea I was thinking something like a bonfire.

[Image: ci.jpg]

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - albertleao - 07-21-2019

(07-21-2019, 04:10 AM)ignitedcms Wrote: This was my idea I was thinking something like a bonfire.

[Image: ci.jpg]

That looks great. I personally feel the voted on logo looks a little bit too "comic sans"

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - orionstar - 07-22-2019

+1 for @demyr! its not serious enought, if you absolutly want to follow the engraved idea i think the "4" should be easily recognizable so a proper "4" number should be placed there but the right top part can be omitted

RE: CodeIgniter 4 Logo - ciadmin - 07-23-2019

We wanted to refresh the logo for the new version of CodeIgniter, with 3 goals:
- recognizably "CodeIgniter"
- distinct from the current logo
- somehow incorporating the digit "4"

The campfire logo above, while simple & symmetric, only meets the second of these goals.