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HMVC help - tika22 - 09-03-2019

I would like to implement wiredesignz' HMVC in a current project of CI 3.1.9. I was [mistakenly?] under the impression that wiredesignz version allowed for a person to keep their existing project as-is, but this would add on to it to allow the encapsulation of additional modules (plugins in my case).

Do I need to organize all of my existing scripts to mirror the examples? If does sharing models work then? I'm mentally missing a big piece of the puzzle here!

My desired outcome is:

I would like welcome and members to be able to share all of the models. I would like plugins to be able to have their own models, controllers, and views.

Am I overthinking this?

RE: HMVC help - InsiteFX - 09-04-2019

The new CI 4 can do all of that now but it's still not for production yet.