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Whoops! error - Entai - 09-06-2019

Hi!, I set up CI4 rc1 on Infinityfree server, and welcome_message works fine, I make a new Controller and when I reach it, I get the error "Whoops! We seem to have hit a snag. Please try again later...", but the thing is that the line $db->query(my query); crash it, when I try $this->db->query(my query) also get this error.

My controller:
<?php namespace App\Controllers;

class Log extends BaseController {

public function index() {

if (!empty($_POST)) {

$db = \Config\Database::connect();

$search = "SELECT * FROM usuarios WHERE user = ".$_POST['user'].";";


      $query = $db->query($search);


I even try the $this->db->query($search);with the same result! (Error 500)

When I put development in the htaccess the folowing error is show:
gzuncompress(): data error
SYSTEMPATH/ThirdParty/Kint/kint.php at line 177

... I am lost ...