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RE: IgnitedCMS Pro - msjagan - 09-20-2019

Session issue has been fixed after updating the CI to latest version)

RE: IgnitedCMS Pro - campingrhino - 10-03-2019

Just attempted an install. Wouldn't let me install with an existing database even though it was empty (would be a problem for a lot of people on shared hosts and makes the table prefix kind of redundant because it would take up all of the database) and after running the installer fully, I attempted to log in and couldn't. Didn't create the admin user at all in the database and I even attempted it twice.

RE: IgnitedCMS Pro - ignitedcms - 10-03-2019

Thanks for the interest. I'm working on a more robust installer and better documentation. It still isn't officially live but still a WIP.

I'll keep you updated when I'm satisfied with the changes. Yes I do think it is a good idea to use an existing database but currently it is not supported. So if you try to do a manual install or edit any files it will inevitably fail. Also, this won't work with the latest PHP versions, but this is being looked into.


RE: IgnitedCMS Pro - ignitedcms - 10-06-2019

Some considerations to be made for improvement / my end.

- Work on a fully functional and intuitive matrix /block builder (that ties in with vuejs for supporting rich text boxes (I really like tiptap ATM)
-Improve site landing page, with much better documentation codeigniter style
-Improve dashboard UX and userability, not happy with asset attachment and rich text editing.
-Would really like a live preview option (I think this is more than possible with how vuejs and its reactive usage works)
-Really need to enhance the install process. I think a lot of people are attempting to manually add the database and set their own config file. This should be an option at the very least. When I port it to CI4 this should fix a lot of the issues.
-Would be useful to have a starter theme so people can quickly figure out 'how the engine works.'

Still a lot to do, busy with other projects but thankfully I can keep working on this here and there.