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CodeIgniter - American Community - JohnGeiger - 01-12-2015

I find CodeIgniter in each iteration as one of the most flexible and portable MVC frameworks around. And I think we should have a place for Americans to also share ideas and information about CodeIgniter and to get soem user groups going in the states.

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - bclinton - 01-12-2015

That's kind of a large geographical area, with multiple native languages.

Perhaps you intend a United States user group?

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - startbbs - 01-13-2015

I have a domain(, if interested, i can sell it to you.

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - JohnGeiger - 01-13-2015

(01-12-2015, 08:22 PM)bclinton Wrote: That's kind of a large geographical area, with multiple native languages.

Perhaps you intend a United States user group?

Yes I suppose it's a large area. I could say the United States, although we are not that united either. Maybe just an English speaking citizens of north America users group. ESCONA-CIUG Probably to many letters there. <grin>

In general I just wanted to see if others who spoke English and were somewhere in the US were interested in getting together and talking about CodeIgniter.

I'm excited to see a version 3 coming out and to the continued development of such a portable well thought out framework. Too many of the frameworks are going the zend route like laravel and symfony. Which really needs shell access to be managed on any scale and is in my opinion missing the mark for a great deal of the web development opportunities out there today. Not everyone is looking to build enterprise sized projects, and most who are want it totally homegrown not based on an existing framework.

For small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and your neighbor who wants some cool application on the web. CodeIgniter is where I tend to point them. It's small, fast, easy to read and to hand off to another development team if built as a sub contract, and doesn't at it's core muddy up the base PHP with so many layers of abstraction to make it slow and unmanageable.

I fear I got off track, first cup of caffeine and all. Anybody out there in the US want to talk CI?


RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - twpmarketing - 01-13-2015

I live in the US, but CI is a global community.

Australia, Britain, Greenland, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa or the U.S., it's all good for English language discussion (I'm not slighting other countries, but these are the ones in which I have had business contacts). Most developers/coders/designers are at least able to use English as a programming tool. If I absolutely need translation, I can run it through one of the online translator services.

If your desire is a real face-to-face user group, then set up a disposable email address and ask for contact from local CI users. Of course that means revealing your general physical business location. Do you really want to do that? In today's society this is a question to be carefully considered.

It could make sense from a business standpoint, but honestly, my business is done over the 'net with extremely infrequent personal contact with either clients or fellow CI users. Is your business/company big enough to need the public relations boost offered by physical meeting time? Can your business afford your time doing such meetings?

I don't mean to sound negative, but my experience with User Groups has shown them to be less useful in inverse proportion to time spent coding. If you're just getting started, they can be a "learning experience", until you outgrow them.

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - InsiteFX - 01-15-2015

Just remember if you use the name codeigniter for a domain you need permission it is copyrighted and Trade marked!

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - alex.justesen - 01-15-2015

Here from Connecticut, so glad CI is back and getting the support it deserves.

RE: CodeIgniter - American Community - bclinton - 01-15-2015

I think it's great that users that don't speak English as their first language have user groups where they can converse more easily in their native tongue.

I don't really see the necessity for a US or American regional group because frankly the entire forums is our user group.

I would suggest you check out and join PHP and web development user groups in your area. You may find some other people using CodeIgniter in those groups. Maybe if there are enough of them you could even form a local CodeIgniter users group.