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RE: Benchmarking Ci4 router - tony.a - 09-12-2019

Main problem for me in ci4 (or i cannot see the solution) is to use the router class and router collection as "subrouter" to split the routes
Dinamic Front router (load routes from modules)
Method a
Method b
Method route
Another router and route collection instance

The handle () method should accept arguments handle(uri,method )
Checkroutes method should optionally detect language and passed as argument
Discover routes should take file array as arguments and should be public
getHTTPVerb and sethttpverb out and passed as arguments
A Cache routes (routescollection ?) Mechanism
Load cached routes array_merge routes without add every routes
Thanks .

RE: Benchmarking Ci4 router - tony.a - 09-13-2019
Allow  router and subrouter to cache and load all routes  at once

RE: Benchmarking Ci4 router - chris.m - 08-06-2020

I think it doesn't depend on the version of the router. I think this is a malfunction of the settings. I think it is worth contacting a specialist and he will help you.