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Empty entity attributes - Asteria - 09-18-2019

Faced a problem, I can not get data from the entity. For example,
always returns NULL. When viewing the entity obtained through Kint debug, my data is visible in the attributes. Also, when using getters or setters of an entity, I constantly get an error
Quote:Call to a member function test_func () on array

An entity object is returned by the model. I did everything according to the CI4 documentation, but ran into such a problem. What are the options?

RE: Empty entity attributes - dave friend - 09-18-2019

I think showing everyone a little bit more code would make possible reasonable replies.

RE: Empty entity attributes - Asteria - 09-18-2019

The sequence of my actions:
1. Create a model

<?php namespace App\Models;

use CodeIgniter\Model;

class AdminModel extends Model
        protected $table      = 'admin';

        protected $returnType = 'App\Entities\Admin';

        protected $allowedFields = ['last_login', 'last_logout', 'last_ip'];

2. Create an entity

<?php namespace App\Entities;

use CodeIgniter\Entity;

class Admin extends Entity

    public function getPassword(){
        return $this->attributes['password'];
    public function verify_pass(string $user_password){
        return password_verify($user_password, $this->password);

3. Initialize the model in the controller.

$AdminModel = new AdminModel();

4. Trying to get data from the entity.

$admin = $AdminModel->where('username', $this->request->getPost('username'))

            return redirect()->back()->with('error', array('auth_error' => 'User not found!'));

if( ! $admin->verify_pass($this->request->getPost('password')))
            return redirect()->back()->with('error', array('auth_error' => 'Password incorrect!'));

In case of calling an entity method, I get an error:
Quote:Call to a member function verify_pass() on array

When accessing entity fields directly, the resulting value = NULL. And in the dd output, my data is visible.