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CodeIgniter support for PWA - pc87 - 09-19-2019

Hello Everyone,

Is there any support for Progressing Web App(PWA) in CI4, is there any library or helper?


We can use it with PWA same way as the current version 3.x?

RE: CodeIgniter support for PWA - titounnes - 09-19-2019

PWA is not related to backend. CI4 us a back-end framework.

RE: CodeIgniter support for PWA - ciadmin - 09-19-2019

This question was asked before, and it doesn't look like there was a satisfactory answer then.

RE: CodeIgniter support for PWA - projectwehelp - 06-19-2023

Hi , this is a old thread, but it is fairly simple to make a PWA with CI4 today.
Assuming you have a ready site which is responsive & with SSL, just use to create the manifest.json, assets, service workers.
Then you have to modify the  first page your site lands on in /app/views ( probably the layout section of the view page)  and then link to the manifest.json as well to a index.js  ( create one in public folder) file which links up the service worker.

And  you are done.

Let me know if you need more details